Kamakura Krank 'Barbed'
£ 6.49

The Kamakura - the sharpest possible carp fishing hook, sharpened post production to the highest possible tolerance. Using existing and ever popular Wide Gape hooks Korda have perfected a technique that allows them to offer world class carp fishing hooks sharper than ever straight out of the packet.

Along with most carp anglers around world, they believe hook sharpness to be the single most important part of your tackle! And this is exactly why they’ve spent years painstakingly developing and pushing boundaries in hook technology.

For years anglers have had to hand sharpened their hooks to get the very most from their fishing, as production constraints meant that an extremely fine point hasn’t been possible. This is no longer true.

Korda believe this process/product not only to be a step forward in carp fishing hooks but a step forward in hook technology in general! 
These will catch you more Carp, and save you time on the bank.

Available in packs of 10 - Wide Gape Size 4, 6 and 8 (Barbed and Barbless)

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