Maver - MV-R Competition @ 16.0m
RRP: £1724.99
£ 1,320.00

Manufactured from ultra high modulus carbon, this pole is truly outstanding and meets all the demands of the modern commercial angler in terms of strength, balance and rigidity.

The MVR has been developed using the popular Signature mandrel to ensure cross compatibility of the kits, fighting sections and extensions. Manufactured as standard utilising the silky smooth Suncore easy ship finish enabling the angler to ship at speed in all weather conditions. Ideal for commercials housing 18-20 Dual Core elastics with ‘Powerlite’ power kits in place.

Supplied with a comprehensive kit package and housed in a quality holdall complete with protective tubes. All the kits are fitted with high quality PTFE tips and factory fitted slots for modern day side puller systems. A high quality match kit is also housed inside the pole as standard.

Simply brilliant!


  • Black Suncore anti-friction surface
  • Slotted & bushed power kits
  • Magic Steps
  • Fusion
  • STER, SVER and 4MAT resins
  • Nanolith
  • Teflon joints
  • EVA clean cap system

Kit Package

  • 1 x match kit housed inside the pole
  • 4 x Powerlite power kits, slotted & bushed
  • 4 x Commercial power kits, slotted & bushed
  • Mini extension
  • Cupping kit & cups
  • Fighting no. 4 section
  • 3 x EVA clean caps
  • Pole holdall & protective tubes


815g @ 13m | +255g @ 14.5m | +535g @ 16m

Elastic Rating

18-20 Maver Dual Core Pro

No. of Sections


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